Enjoy a Trip across the Historic City of Cadiz Boarding on Rented Segway or Bike

Enjoy a Trip across the Historic City of Cadiz Boarding on Rented Segway or Bike

Welcome to Cadiz, the ancient port city of Spain that boomed in the 16th century. This small city resides in Spain’s south-western Andalusia region. The city is known for its historic structures, blue flag beaches and seafood. Cadiz is the home of more than 100 watchtowers that represent its glorious past.

There is nothing better than exploring every tourist attraction of this city through Segways and bikes available on rent. It can be a great way to enjoy the best attractions of the oldest city of Europe, as Segway and e-bike service providers in the city are there to provide you with a guide-free and cost-effective city tour that can last for maximum 120 minutes. Let us talk about 19 best tourist attractions in the city of Cadiz that you can visit with your 2-hour Segway or bike tour.

1- Plaza San Juan de Dios

Plaza San Juan de Dios
Plaza San Juan de Dios

The tour starts from Chill Riders office, which is situated in Sopranis Street, building number 9. Your first destination is the Plaza San Juan de Dios, the historic structure comes with a great value, as it celebrates the signing of the country’s constitution at the beginning of the 18th century.

The sculpture of this historic building is quite impressive, and palm trees, long pool, jet water fountains, large statuses, outside seating places, restaurants, bars, and many other things decorate its surrounding.

2. El Arco Del Populo

You may think of it as an average archway of the city when the fact is as it bears historical importance. Previously the archway was known as “Puerto del Mar” meaning “Door of the Sea”. There was a time when the waters of the Bay of Cadiz would come through this way. Now, you can go through the archway and explore the streets of the Barrio del Populo with your Segway, bike or e-bike.

3. Puerta de Tierra

The 16th-century megastructure was built to bolster the defence system. The main tower of the building was built for a different purpose. Built in 1850; the semaphore tower acted as an optical telegraph system. It would help people of this region to send messages to different parts of the country.

You can discover this marble-carved monument that separates the old city with the new one with your Segway or e-bike.

4. Playa de la Victoria

Welcome to the best urban beach in all of Europe. This 3-kilometer long stunning beach covers a long stretch on the Atlantic coastline. You can hit the beach with your joy ride and enjoy the best views of the Atlantic Ocean from this part of Europe. There will be chances to involve in some sporting activities including water sports. The beach has volleyball courts and outdoor gym.

If you want to cover most of the major tourist attraction of Cadiz, you will have to leave Playa de la Victoria and head towards the next attraction.

5. Iglesia de Santa Cruz

Situated in the Old Town, the cathedral is also known as the original cathedral of Cadiz. King Alfonso X built the cathedral in the 13th century. It was reconstructed in the 18th century, where developers included Baroque and Mannerist styles in the building. The 15th-century bell tower is also a key attraction of the building.

This historical monument represents the golden age of Spain, and you can enjoy its view from every corner with your Segway or e-bike.

6. Plaza de la Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the most famous landmarks in the area. The building features a tower, where you can scale up to enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Cadiz. The 17th-century cathedral represents a combination of rococo, baroque and neo-classical styles.

This cathedral is a sign of Cadiz’s golden past, and the building has a nickname of “Cathedral of America”.

7. Plaza de las Flores

This beautiful place comprises the flower market, bars, and restaurants. City’s main post office is also a major attraction of the area. Located in the middle of the city, the square can provide you with a pleasant view. One can reach the spot with just a 10-minute walk from Genoves Park. If you are with the professionally guided bike tours in Cadiz, you will reach the spot more conveniently.

8. Mercado Central de Abastos

The Central Farmer’s Market is situated a few minutes away from Plaza de las Flores. It can be a great place to taste the local fare. Here, you can make yourself aware of the local food market. Neoclassical construction with Doric columns fills this place.

9. Plaza de la Cruz Verde

Plaza de la Cruz Verde is close to Santa Cruz. Here, you can enjoy the view and cacophony of Old Cadiz. It is one of the places that live their own life. It is also the gateway to the neighbouring La Vina. You can enjoy the best view of the place by boarding on your Segway and explore all the lanes and buildings in the area within your two-hour Segway trip.

10. Castillo de San Sebastian

The castle of San Sebastian is your next destination, and you can reach the spot with the help of a Segway or bike. The ride will help you to save your energy. The 18th-century fortress features a long stone causeway that starts at the north-western part of the city.

This castle is detached from the mainland and was built to house prisoners and army officials. Famous James Bond film “Die Another Day” was shot here. The castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cadiz, and we can often see different exhibitions and concerns here.

11. Playa de la Caleta

La Caleta beach is a natural harbour by which many civilisations in the region would trade in the ancient time. It is the smallest beach in the area and separated from others. The place bears historical importance, and it inspired many musicians and poets in the past. Stay here for a while and enjoy the beauty of sea, sand and sky.

12. Castillo de Santa Catalina

Once built as a military prison, now different cultural programs take place in the castle. Located near La Caleta beach, the structure is standing on a rocky outcrop. The 17th-century castle features Italian-style star-shape floor. In 1985, the administration declared it as Cultural Interest.

You can explore the fortress more precisely with your Segway or bike. You can ride on the walls and enjoy the breath-taking view of the sea.

13. Parque Genoves

This gorgeous waterfront park is an excellent place to take rest and relax your mind. Developers have used the same kind of sand to build the roads of this park used in bullfighting arenas. Famous architect Geronimo Genoves I Puig has designed the park, and it comprises an attractive waterfall and an ornamental lake, where you can spot the sculpture of dinosaurs.

It is a big botanical garden, and you can find many trees and plant specimens like poplars, maple trees, Canarian pine, Indian laurels and south Indian cycads. The garden has a lot of greenery, and it will provide you with good peace of mind.

14. Plaza De San Antonio

Originally built in 1655, the spectacular church is another major attraction of the city. A large quadrangular square in the area will allow you to enjoy the stunning view of the marvellous structure. The magnificent church is located in the old town area, and you can go there on your Segway or bike conveniently.

15. Jardines del Paseo Carlos III

Visit the Paseo Carlos III to enjoy the beauty of old Cadiz. Beautiful garden and water bodies decorate this place. There are several lush parks in the area, and you can explore each one of them with your Segway or bike.

With sea in proximity, you can enjoy a glimpse of beautiful sea waves. Reaching the area by Segway is the best available option; as such easy-riding vehicles will allow you to reach every corner of this old part of Cadiz.

16. Baluarte de la Candelaria

The fortress is built in the 17th century and is situated in an elevated position on the shore of the Bay of Cadiz. The fortress was built as sea well, and it is believed that the wall would work as a shield. The castle is also used for cultural events including exhibitions and live concert.

Reach the spot with your rented segway or e-bike and check if any exhibition or concert is being held inside.

17. Plaza Arguelles

Plaza Arguelles is a small corner situated next to the Plaza de Espana. The spot can give you the impression of being a street, but it locates the little Plaza. An 18th-century politician was the inspiration behind its name. The politician played a key role in forming Spain’s first constitution.

18. Plaza de Espana

This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cadiz. The historic structure features the House of the Four Towers, the Monument of the Constitution of 1812 and the building of the Customs. The structure is set in a garden, and you can enjoy its view from every corner with your Segway or e-bike.

19. Plaza de las Tortugas

This beautiful plaza is located in the middle of the city, and here, you can spot many statues of turtles. According to the locals, turtles are the symbol of good luck and longevity. You can spot the animal in many structures and monuments in the area. Do not forget to see the Turtle Fountain during your 2-hours Segway trip.

20. Paseo de Canalejas

The area is in proximity to the coastline, and it provides you full of beautiful views. You have now come to the end point of your two-hour Segway, bike or e-bike trip. Cross the charming park and spot the Chill Riders office, where you have to end your remarkable trip.


The professionally guided bike tours in Cadiz will take you to the threshold of every attraction of the city. From Palatial historic structures like Plaza San Juan de Dios and Plaza De San Antonio to some of the beautiful gardens like Parque Genoves and Jardines del Paseo Carlos III, the Segway, bike and e-bike tour will help you to enjoy every bit of Cadiz. Your Segway tour will cover both the old and new part of the city, where you will enjoy a glimpse of Cadiz’s glorious past and modern trends. Chill Riders is providing professional guided Segway tour in Cadiz. If you are in Cadiz and want to enjoy a tireless and entertaining city tour experience, visit Chill Riders’ official website and book your ride today.

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